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  • 3 things we all need to be creative

    The 3 Things We All NEED To Become Creative

    Everybody has a reason behind why they do what they’re doing. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch watching Netflix, you have a driving motivation (pleasure, relaxation, a desire to be distracted from something stressful, etc.). I used to think I was simply a creative person, and therefore doing creative things came naturally to…

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  • I’m In Love With Airtable

    Ever since my coworker showed me Airtable, I’ve jumped at any project that requires me to work on the platform. I just like using it that much. Airtable is at it’s core a spreadsheet program, but it’s versatility and easy to use features make it so much more. You can use the features of this…

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  • How To Do Less Laundry

    Presently I live where I have to use a coin-based washing machine. Spending a total of $2.75 for each load that I wash and dry isn’t too bad, especially compared to the price of buying a washer and dryer. Still, I try to use my precious quarters as little as possible. Here are some ways…

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  • Write on wipe off table

    What Does Value Creation Look Like?

    “Awareness, consideration, decision. We need content for people in each of these categories. Let’s each try to have a piece of content for each category by the time we have our meeting next week,” my boss told the marketing department yesterday. “And remember people’s pain-points. We want to help and create something valuable for folks.”…

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  • How I Stay Creative

    Being consistently creative can be difficult from time to time. Here are my favorite ways to break the monotony and increase creative thought.   Spending time outside Whether it’s a hike, a walk in the park, or just chilling in my hammock, outdoor time gives me a boost. Fresh air and sunlight are good for…

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  • You Need a Break.

    Breaks can feel like a necessary evil to the workaholic. Trust me, I tend to be one. Having a strong productivity mindset can be great, but it needs balance. No matter how enjoyable your work is, it is important to get out of the working mindset every now and then. It is hard for me…

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  • Why Consistency is Important For Your Content

    “Be Consistent.”   I heard this piece of advice from the content creation community many times over the years. It took me a while to really get it at first, but now that I have, there is no going back. I preach consistency just as hard as the big creators in my circles. Whatever you…

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  • 6 Reasons to Write in Motion

    I feel silly now for having rolled my eyes at the thought of owning a treadmill. 6 months ago, I thought, “Why? Why spend hundreds of dollars on this thing when one can walk outside for free?” But, my opinion did not matter- it was my family who was purchasing the device, and if they…

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