Why Consistency is Important For Your Content

“Be Consistent.”


I heard this piece of advice from the content creation community many times over the years. It took me a while to really get it at first, but now that I have, there is no going back. I preach consistency just as hard as the big creators in my circles. Whatever you are creating, if you can start doing it on a consistent basis, I promise, it will be a good thing for you. This is why:


1.) Consistency gives you practice.


The more practice you have at your craft, the better you will become at it. Simple fact. You can’t get better at something by merely thinking about it. Even if your project sucks right now, keep at it! In six or twelve months, stop and compare your early works to your recent ones. I promise, if you are constantly working, your quality will increase.


2.) Consistency creates habits.


It may seem difficult at first to hold yourself to publishing content on a particular schedule. Don’t worry! It’s hard for everyone at first. Press on! After several months of delivering on your deadline, it will become a normal piece of your life. You will have a solid idea of how much time it will take and it will become second-nature to set aside that time to focus on your project. Sure, there will still be those tough days where you lack inspiration now and then, but the longer you keep at it, the more strength you have to overcome such blocks.


3.) Consistency encourages a following.


Your viewers will only be as consistent as you are. If you publish sporadically or frequently forget to upload, your viewers will consume it sporadically and eventually forget about your work. When given a particular day of the week or month to associate your work with, people will remember. If they like your content, seeking it out on your chosen publication day will be as routine to your followers as creating it is for you! It may still take a while before you see your numbers increase, but do not despair. Apart from creating quality content, this is the most important thing you can do to further your work.


4.) Consistency makes you look and feel good.


No, it’s not the latest advance in anti-aging, but it does have personal benefits! Being able to look back over the course of several months or years and see that you’ve fulfilled your content creation goal is an amazing feeling! It makes me smile every time I tell someone that I keep up a weekly blog that hasn’t missed a post in two years. Additionally, when you have consistently published content online, it is a fabulous thing to show off to potential employers. It’s a strong signal to them that you are someone who keeps their word and follows through. It shows them that you are capable of being self-motivated and that you care about growth. On top of that, if they like your content, you might even get employed to create something similar!


If you’re a creator, what are you waiting for? Think up a goal.


It doesn’t even need to be big- just a single post per month is a good start. Having a small goal that you constantly meet is always going to be far better than a big goal that you can’t keep up with. Get going, start creating, and feel free to tell me about your project and goals in the comments below- I’d love to know what you’re working on!

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