Adagio Teas: A Brief Marketing Case Study

Recently I discovered Adagio Teas.

At the time, I was in search of a white chocolate peppermint tea that Teavana had made. To my dismay, I discovered that exact tea is no longer in production. Enter: Adagio, and the first thing they did right – they know and speak to their audience persona.

They captured my attention successfully.

Adagio doesn’t stop there, though. Upon entry into their site, they offered me a $5 gift credit in exchange for my email address. Um, yes please! Moments later, I was checking out with my new chocolate peppermint tea.

The customer experience only gets better at checkout.

I can verify this is still the case. I literally just completed another purchase from them. Note: I’m not sure if this is just their “first time customer” experience or if they do this for every order, because I forgot what email address I used the first time and I wound up creating a new account (oops! But also maybe yay?)

Above is a screenshot of their post-purchase screen. BRILLIANT, I tell you. Of course I want to post about them on Facebook to get a tea sample! Additionally, for giving them my birthday they tossed in a mini tin of tea labeled for my astrological sign (not that I put much stock in those signs, but hey, last time I did this I really did love the tea they picked for my January birthday).

Beyond the sweet bonuses offered, they use their exit screen to do market research. I’ve yet to find any other company that asks such smart questions. This is useful in triple-fold: it makes the customer feel valued and heard, it shows that Adagio is forward-thinking and cares about their product, and it gives them a constant stream of suggestions straight from those they serve.

Oh, and want to up your Twitter follows? Asking users to follow you so that you can direct message them updates on their shipment is a great way to accomplish this! Again, Adagio is brilliant.

On customer support and follow-up marketing…

These guys nail it with customer support.

A few months ago when I first ordered, my $5 coupon disappeared into the Gmail promotions folder and I didn’t see until too late. I dropped a quick email to customer service and in less than an hour the representative fixed up my order with a new coupon code and credited me back $5 to my card! I honestly didn’t expect that. Happy camper here!

Follow-up marketing is infrequent and perfectly timed.

Unlike some companies that will hit you with sales emails constantly, Adagio left me alone for ages after my first order arrived. In fact, it’s been about six months. Yesterday I received my first promotional email from them: an invitation to purchase their Bella Luna Blue tea.

Why did this warrant an email? Because they ONLY sell this tea once in a blue moon… literally! They put this tea up for sale this weekend during the blue moon and will not sell it again until 2020. Scarcity, especially with food/drink products, can be the most brilliant marketing strategy. I’ve never had this tea in my life, but after reading the customer reviews, I bought twice as much as I otherwise would have since I can’t get any more for a year.

To sum it all up: Adagio is the most outstanding online shopping experience I’ve ever had.

If you want to get delicious gourmet teas from a company that values both their farmers and customers, hit up

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