How To Do Less Laundry

Presently I live where I have to use a coin-based washing machine. Spending a total of $2.75 for each load that I wash and dry isn’t too bad, especially compared to the price of buying a washer and dryer. Still, I try to use my precious quarters as little as possible.

Here are some ways that I cut down on laundry loads:

1.) I bought extra socks and underwear.

Socks and undies are ALWAYS the first things to get used up and necessitate a laundry run. I save a ton of laundry trips by owning enough socks and underwear to last me up to three weeks!

2.) I re-use my bath towels.

Unless I am particularly filthy or I’ve had to use them to clean up a spill or something, bath towels don’t have to be single-use. Think about it: you literally JUST finished cleaning yourself top to bottom. You used soap and you rinsed off good with hot water and a washcloth. How bad could the water you dab off of your hair and body really be?

3.) If I didn’t get my clothes all sweaty or gross, I can re-wear them.

I haven’t gotten them dirty. They aren’t damp. They don’t stink. So why not? Granted, this works a lot better in the winter than in the summer.

4.) If I don’t have a FULL laundry bag, I don’t do a load.

Unless I have something that I am really desperate to have back fast, it can wait. Just remember to let laundry items dry fully before throwing them in the bag – otherwise it can get icky. And obviously, exceptions to this rule apply if I’ve thrown up or something drastic.

5.) I use my bathroom sink, cold water, and a bar of Ivory soap to wash out stains and spills.

I’ve been quite amazed how well Ivory takes out stains. Body oil, blood, that sauce from the Asian food I ate earlier… It’s impressive. Then I take the wet item and hang it up over my shower curtain rod until it dries. Or, if I am really wanting it back quickly, I’ll use my hairdryer to dry my beloved garment.

I hope that helps!

These tips have really helped me to conserve my quarters (and water waste!) over the past year. Do you have any favorite related tips? Share them in the comments!

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