How I Stay Creative

Being consistently creative can be difficult from time to time. Here are my favorite ways to break the monotony and increase creative thought.


Spending time outside

Whether it’s a hike, a walk in the park, or just chilling in my hammock, outdoor time gives me a boost. Fresh air and sunlight are good for the body, and what’s good for the body helps the brain, too! It is especially rejuvenating when I resolve not to check my phone and turn off all notifications until I return home.



Physical activity always gets my brain going. The most consistently helpful activity I’ve found is dancing on my treadmill. Yes, I said dancing. Walking helps too, but when I put on some bouncy music and put my all into having fun, usually ideas strike me out of nowhere. In fact, I had the idea to write this post while I was dancing to the song in the video above.

Changing Positions


It seems small and sometimes silly, but looking at things from a (literally) new angle makes me smile and it helps me think more creatively. It’s not uncommon to find me sitting criss-cross in an airplane seat, hanging upside down from my bed or hammock, or backward in an office chair. Added bonus: changing positions frequently helps alleviate muscle and joint stiffness!


Interacting with friends

I have one of the most inspiring friend bases ever. Nearly everyone I know is an artist, a writer, a content creator, or a really deep thinker. Interacting with these people is a joyful experience and generally very creatively stimulating, whether they realize it or not. Many of my projects have been inspired by them.


Embracing humor

Taking a step back and finding ways to laugh about myself, my projects, or the resistance I am facing can be therapeutic and spur creative thought. I love to look for the absurdities so I can blow them out of proportion! I feel free when I don’t take myself too seriously. Creating a list of stupid ideas can help clear the mental block and make way for some solid work. My “Top 3 Skills: A Parody” post is a great example of this.


Music (and dance breaks!)

Putting on a peppy playlist keeps me going when I have to work from my computer. Along the way, I often find myself dramatically lip-synching or even dancing in my office chair when a tune hits me right. Random little breaks like this help me kick me out of worktime tunnel-vision and keep me smiling!


How do you stay creative?

Comment below! I’d love to hear your tricks!

2 responses to “How I Stay Creative”

  1. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    I really really feel like you are a lot like me. I do dance breaks and sing out randomly at times and it kinda freaks people out because I am like a Disney character. . .
    You are amazing and I love the videos included.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Aw, thanks! Yeah, after following your Instagram and seeing your comments and such, I feel like we’d probably hit it off if we met.

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