Madera Hammock Review & My First Video Blog!

Today I am doing a first-time user’s review of my new Madera hammock!



Every hammock helps a good cause.

Madera partners with Trees for the Future, planting two trees for every hammock sold. Additionally, Madera also has projects continually happening in East and West Africa. Through planting garden forests, they provide farming families with sustainable sources of food, livestock fodder, and fuel products to consume and sell at nearby markets. You can feel great knowing that your purchase will be beneficial to both yourself and others!


Want a sweet discount?

If you’re like me, you hate paying full price. Lucky for you, by reading this blog post, you just stumbled upon a great coupon!


Enter SDDG40 at checkout to get 40% off your order!

This coupon code is valid indefinitely and you can come back and use it again every time you order from Madera! Confession: yes, this is a shameless plug. In addition to helping the environment and people in Africa, you’re helping me out too! Each time this code is used on an order, I get a 10% commission on however much you spend.

Not an outdoorsy person? That’s okay.

You might be thinking “Nah, I don’t need something like this. I’m not into camping”. But here’s the thing: it’s awesome even if you’re not going to camp! What could be more relaxing than going out in your back yard, a friend’s house, or your favorite park and kicking back between two trees? I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t try a hammock at the store and say “Man, I would love one of these!” This, however, is better than those bulky hammocks that are stuck on a stand, because you can enjoy it literally anywhere (well, as long as you have trees or a stand, of course). Every hammock is made of high tenacity parachute nylon, so it packs down small, is super lightweight, and can hold up to 400lbs!


So, what are you waiting for?

Pop on over to today and check out their supply of hammocks and other fun gear!


2 responses to “Madera Hammock Review & My First Video Blog!”

  1. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    This is really wonderful!!! I love what they do!
    I can’t buy one at the moment, but it is good to remember for when camping season for our family comes around again!!!!

  2. Aaron Gallagher Avatar
    Aaron Gallagher

    Enjoyed you video. Did you get signed up as an Ambassador? If so, please message me back you experience. They seem kinda scamish.

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