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  • Exploring Life Through Action Films | John Wick [Spoilers]

    Action films aren’t my typical go-to (unless super hero movies count?). I’m the one who goes for dorky Disney Channel Original Movies, animated flicks, RomComs, family-aimed adventure movies, or films from decades-gone-by (especially if Don Knotts is involved). However, when my friends decided to watch through the John Wick trilogy, I decided to give it…

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  • Acting in Promo Videos | My Team is Stuck in The ’90s

    Lately the video team at my workplace has been on a 1990’s kick with our latest series of book release promos. They are ridiculous and nostalgic and I had so much fun getting to act in them! Give our videos a watch!

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  • My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 2

    Continuing the best of my #CCOfficeLife hashtag from My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 1, I now bring you more of my favorite moments from the Classical Conversations corporate HQ! I love the crazy team that I get to share my workdays with 🙂

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  • I’m In Love With Airtable

    Ever since my coworker showed me Airtable, I’ve jumped at any project that requires me to work on the platform. I just like using it that much. Airtable is at it’s core a spreadsheet program, but it’s versatility and easy to use features make it so much more. You can use the features of this…

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  • Lessons From Dance

    Recently I took up ballroom dancing. It has been a challenging shift, since my only previous history was in very casual swing dancing. In that realm, I felt reasonably confident because I’d memorized the majority of the steps that anyone ever did with me. Ballroom? Oh, it’s a whole different story. I had no idea…

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  • Give Yourself Some Grace

    The last couple of times I’ve played Frisbee or disc golf with anyone, I realized I have a bad habit of talking down to myself when I make a poor shot. Why? I often imagine others notice my mistakes as much as I do. It somehow feels awkward to move on without acknowledging or explaining…

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  • My Music Picks This Week

    In no particular order, here are a few songs that I’ve been enjoying recently. Human – Smash Into Pieces Great catchy beat. But furthermore, I feel like it has a really good “check your life” kind of message to it. These lyrics really connect for me, since my career is in the digital/social media realm.…

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  • How To Do Less Laundry

    Presently I live where I have to use a coin-based washing machine. Spending a total of $2.75 for each load that I wash and dry isn’t too bad, especially compared to the price of buying a washer and dryer. Still, I try to use my precious quarters as little as possible. Here are some ways…

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  • My First Time Teaching

    I just got home from teaching at a youth group for the first time ever! I have to admit, it’s still slightly weird to me that someone would think of having me lead teenagers. Like, I’m barely out of my teen years, right? Then I realize: Right. I am 26. A decade or more older…

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  • 5 Tips For Newbie Disc Golfers

    After seven-ish years of telling myself I would take up disc golf, I’ve finally gotten around to it! I’ll be the first to tell you: I really suck! But that’s okay. Today was only my first-ever play through of the local course, so I feel pretty justified scoring 7’s and 9’s on all those par-3…

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