Sarah Carrig

Explore. Create. Engage.


“Energizer bunny.” “So creative!” “Never slows down.”

Those are some of the ways that people in my life have described me. If I am not writing, creating digital media, or helping people who do, I am road-tripping, hiking, exploring historic landmarks, or teaching in my church youth ministry. I am based out of Lynchburg, VA, where you will find me working from my vintage/sci-fi themed home office and enjoying the local mountain views.

My history includes content creation, social media marketing, project management, virtual assistant work, library cataloging, and relationship building.

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Projects & Features


A playlist of tutorial videos I have created for employers.

Pitch Deck

A visual display of my story and skills.


A collection of videos that I’ve played supporting roles in for Classical Conversations.

Find Experience Everywhere

You have relevant experience for almost any job; you just need to look at life the right way.

When Projects Fail

When I was 22, my biggest project EVER failed.
Here is what I learned from that experience!

Praxis Alumni Spotlight

Praxis interviewed me on their blog! See how I create value for my company and what I learned in the Praxis boot-camp.


  • The 3 Things We All NEED To Become Creative

    The 3 Things We All NEED To Become Creative

    Everybody has a reason behind why they do what they’re doing. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch watching Netflix, you have a driving motivation (pleasure, relaxation, a desire to be distracted from something stressful, etc.). I used to think I was simply a creative person, and therefore doing creative things came naturally to…

  • Perfecting Your Home Office

    Perfecting Your Home Office

    Perhaps it is far past time for you to make your COVID-19 “quarantine-home-office” liveable. Perhaps you’re like me and are beginning your entrepreneurial journey and need a setup to match your new status as CEO. Or, perhaps you just need a little inspiration to help you level-up your existing workstation. Whatever your reasoning, we’re in…

  • A Confession…

    A Confession…

    I definitely created this post because I knew I’d be giving my website to people at Social Media Marketing World…

  • Exploring Life Through Action Films | John Wick [Spoilers]

    Exploring Life Through Action Films | John Wick [Spoilers]

    Action films aren’t my typical go-to (unless super hero movies count?). I’m the one who goes for dorky Disney Channel Original Movies, animated flicks, RomComs, family-aimed adventure movies, or films from decades-gone-by (especially if Don Knotts is involved). However, when my friends decided to watch through the John Wick trilogy, I decided to give it…

  • Adagio Teas: A Brief Marketing Case Study

    Adagio Teas: A Brief Marketing Case Study

    Recently I discovered Adagio Teas. At the time, I was in search of a white chocolate peppermint tea that Teavana had made. To my dismay, I discovered that exact tea is no longer in production. Enter: Adagio, and the first thing they did right – they know and speak to their audience persona. They captured…

  • Acting in Promo Videos | My Team is Stuck in The ’90s

    Acting in Promo Videos | My Team is Stuck in The ’90s

    Lately the video team at my workplace has been on a 1990’s kick with our latest series of book release promos. They are ridiculous and nostalgic and I had so much fun getting to act in them! Give our videos a watch!