A Confession…

I am definitely updating this blog because I am about to attend #SMMW20.

Please, tell me I am not the only one out there who made an effort to update their professional online presence specifically because of an upcoming networking event. It can’t just be me who cringed at the thought of exchanging info with hundreds of fascinating people and sending them to a personal website that hasn’t had a blog post in almost a year. Right?

If your website isn’t up to date, no judgement from me, friend.

Your career is keeping you busy. You have relationships or family to keep up with. Heck, maybe you’ve just had writer’s block or needed a break from creating personal content (it happens to the best of us!). But none of those things mean that you’re any less valuable as a worker or a creative. An inactive website doesn’t mean that you’re uninteresting or unmotivated. It just means you’ve had other priorities lately – and that’s OK!

Here are 5 things I’ve been doing instead of creating blog content:

1.) Counseling classes.

People tell me I am easy to talk to and frequently come to me for advice. As soon as I was presented with the opportunity to take a class in counseling, I jumped on it. Might as well improve upon this gift – that way I can be even more helpful to those who come to me! Plus, I’ve always been interested in learning how people think. Personally, I’d recommend that ANYONE take a counselor training course, even if they don’t want to become a counselor. It’s an amazing place to gain better communication skills, listening ability, and emotional/physical self-awareness.

2.) Exploring history.

My boyfriend is SUPER passionate and excited about history, so we visit any historic landmark we discover near us. It’s a ton of fun, and educational too! I feel like I could have loved history a lot more in high school if I had learned it the way I am learning it with him. Favorite stop so far? Colonial Williamsburg!

3.) Learning to write in cursive.

My friend, Peter Fletcher, collects fountain pens and recently gifted me with one. It’s so much fun to write with, but writing manuscript with a fountain pen just felt wrong. So, I am re-learning cursive! I am a lot more patient towards learning it now than I was in the second grade. Just goes to show you, it’s never too late to learn/get better at something, even if it’s something you gave up on years earlier!

Side note: Peter is more notably a classical guitarist. Click his name above to check out his music. It is quite lovely.

4.) Serving as a co-leader at a youth group.

This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Teenagers can be so fun, and the ones in our group are so open to deep discussions. I love them, and I feel like I often learn as much being a part of their group as they do, if not more. Plus, it’s hilarious to watch their faces when they find out I am a solid decade or more older than them. I still look like a teenager myself, and take full advantage of their willingness to let me into their hangout circles! It means I get to feel young, yet also be there for them to offer good advice when they need it.

5.) Teaching myself to appreciate down-time (and identifying when I need it).

I always have an activity to do, a project to complete, a place to go, or a person to see. But after many occasions where I’ve run myself into the ground, I’ve also grown to realize the value of a restful evening or weekend at home (and unplugged!).

What have you been doing instead of curating your online profiles?

Drop a comment below with your top 5! Whether it’s tales of grand adventure, learning new things, taking care of your family, trying to stay healthy, or even just binge-watching your favorite streaming service, I’d love to hear about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Jeff Ross Avatar

    I would list my top 5 things I’m doing besides curating my online profiles… but I’m too busy curating my online profiles…

    Okay, fine, I’ll try to find five things:
    1. Visiting my family – Friday nights recently have involved me venturing to my parents’ house to eat pizza and play Rummikub with them and any siblings who are there, all while watching old Burns & Allen episodes; it’s a great morale booster
    2. Watching the new XFL – this new professional sports league intrigues me greatly, from its structure to its rule changes to its style, so I’ve been following it fairly closely
    3. German lessons – I recently revived my daily Duolingo and Clozemaster sessions after a hiatus, all because one of my internet friends thought it would be cool to add me as a friend on Duolingo… just that little extra exposure each day has been adding up, and I’ve been enjoying seeing progress in my German comprehension in other contexts recently
    4. Serving in the A/V department at church – I’ve been in the rotation for serving on cameras and the camera mixer for a good number of years now, but recently there have been an increased volume of instances where I’ve been jumping in to cover for someone who is double-booked with another area of serving at church, and I’ve also opened up to being flexible to serving in 2nd service on Sundays (when I’ve traditionally only served during 1st services)
    5. Curating my online profiles – Hey, I got four more things on this list than I thought I would. XD But most of my “learning new things”, “practicing my rhyme-writing”, and “making new friends” is done while writing YouTube comments and interacting with people on the internet, which is technically “curating an online profile”, so…

    [and in case you were like, “yeah, right, you can’t possibly spend that much of your free time doing nothing else”, here is a PowerPoint presentation that proves otherwise, because nothing proves your point like a PowerPoint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c05kO2vgJY Side note: I’m slightly surprised that “nothing proves your point like a PowerPoint” isn’t being used by Microsoft to promote the program, because that sounds like a slogan that would be memorable, though I don’t know if it would be effective.]

    Anyway, I’m glad I found this blog post. The other day I had this random internal outburst of “I MISS SARAH IDDINGS” and was wondering what I was supposed to do about it… so I did nothing, except pray for the adventurer, rationalizing that if I miss Sarah Iddings, there must be other people out there in the world who are being blessed by her in other locales that would miss her more than I would at that moment if the situations were swapped. And it appears that I was right. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep dominating, Sarah!

    1. Sarah Iddings Avatar
      Sarah Iddings

      Aw, thanks Jeff!!
      Glad to see you’ve been up to all sorts of great stuff lately! I’ve been serving on A/V at church too. Though not for a while now because of COVID-19 cancelling all our services. For now the guy who owns the camera equipment does sound for all the sermons. I’ll have to hit you up on Skype again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope the German lessons keep going well and that you are having as enjoyable of a quarantine as possible!

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