• My Music Picks This Week

    In no particular order, here are a few songs that I’ve been enjoying recently. Human – Smash Into Pieces Great catchy beat. But furthermore, I feel like it has a really good “check your life” kind of message to it. These lyrics really connect for me, since my career is in the digital/social media realm.…

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  • How To Do Less Laundry

    Presently I live where I have to use a coin-based washing machine. Spending a total of $2.75 for each load that I wash and dry isn’t too bad, especially compared to the price of buying a washer and dryer. Still, I try to use my precious quarters as little as possible. Here are some ways…

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  • My First Time Teaching

    I just got home from teaching at a youth group for the first time ever! I have to admit, it’s still slightly weird to me that someone would think of having me lead teenagers. Like, I’m barely out of my teen years, right? Then I realize: Right. I am 26. A decade or more older…

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  • 5 Tips For Newbie Disc Golfers

    After seven-ish years of telling myself I would take up disc golf, I’ve finally gotten around to it! I’ll be the first to tell you: I really suck! But that’s okay. Today was only my first-ever play through of the local course, so I feel pretty justified scoring 7’s and 9’s on all those par-3…

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  • Singles: You MUST hear this (marrieds, you should too)

    Absorbing media aimed at singles has become my own version of gambling. Pull the lever and hope luck is on my side! Will the media be insightful? Encouraging? Laughable? Completely cringe-worthy? You never know until you jump in! This weekend when I heard my friends’ church was doing a topical sermon on the subject, I…

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  • Looking Forward to The Workweek

    It’s late on a Sunday night. Some people in the world are probably filled with dread at this moment as they anticipate the coming of Monday. But not me. They say a picture speaks a thousand words So, on that note, allow me to share in picture-form a big reason why I enjoy my workweeks:…

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  • The 10-Minute Test

    As a psychological experiment, a friend challenged me to dialogue to him about anything that came to mind for 10 minutes straight. The catch? He would not react or reply. It would be just me and essentially dead silence as he listened. Then, we would swap places and he would dialogue for 10 minutes in…

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  • My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 1

    I love my coworkers and the fact that we regularly acknowledge our mutual weirdness. Here are some of my favorite moments from the past year of work at Classical Conversations πŸ™‚

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  • Going Offline.

    It’s so easy to be completely wrapped up in all things digital. I make my living by operating a large company’s social media. I keep in touch with my family through the internet. Many of my dearest friends exist within the constraints of Facebook Messenger due to the miles that limit our in-person visits. I…

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  • Blogging (For the wrong reasons!)

    I haven’t been blogging much in the past 12 months. For years it had been near-instinctual for me to be producing frequent web content. Ever since I moved to North Carolina last year and got into the marketing world, I had just assumed I no longer desired to create blog posts and such because it’s…

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