Going Offline.

It’s so easy to be completely wrapped up in all things digital.

I make my living by operating a large company’s social media. I keep in touch with my family through the internet. Many of my dearest friends exist within the constraints of Facebook Messenger due to the miles that limit our in-person visits. I could easily spend my entire day in front of a screen.

But when the largest share of life goes digital, there is so much that gets missed.

The very best moments of my week have been moments spent disconnected from the digital realm:
Standing in the woods so still and quiet that I heard a butterfly flap it’s wings as it flew past me. Seeing the way my baby hosta plant grows and changes each day. Sitting perfectly still next to the pond for long enough that the turtles that live in it quit hiding. Unexpectedly stumbling upon the most fireflies I’ve ever seen in one place. Spending a solid three hours sitting outside talking about anything and everything with an extremely enjoyable new-ish friend.

I’m not saying “ditch digital”

Having the digital world has enhanced my life greatly and lead to many amazing opportunities that I would never have had otherwise. I am extremely grateful to live in this era of worldwide connectivity and at-your-fingertips information. However, like many other good things, it is best taken in moderation.

Just allow yourself to slow down.

The digital world is fast-paced, always changing, and great at catering to our ever-decreasing attention spans. Screen life can often become addictive and hard to step away from. It’s all too tempting for me to be checking text messages and emails on my phone as I take a walk through the woods or sit in the park. It’s hard to force my mind and my fingers to slow down and simply take in the moment (and I mean really take it in – taking pictures is just as distracting as replying to texts). But goodness, once I can force myself to leave my phone muted and untouched and simply allow my mind and senses to be present in what is happening around me, it is amazing.

It is mind-blowing how many beautiful details you see when you truly stop to look.

Seriously. Just try it sometime. No phone notifications, no camera, no distractions. Simply stop and look at what is around you for a considerable period of time. Note the colors, the textures, the sounds, the smells. What tiny elements make up the shape of a flower? How warm are the light beams that shine through your window? What small creatures become noticeable when you stand perfectly still outside?

Take in the moment. Enjoy.

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