What if brands were people?

Every company has a personality.

Don’t believe me? Compare Purple to Tempur-Pedic. They both boast of their quality mattresses, but they do so very differently.


Brands at a glance:



Tempur-Pedic fills their website with pretty photos of relaxed people in their 30’s to 50’s enjoying their beds. They largely focus on their guarantees, customer reviews, and special deals on their homepage. As a whole, they present a very clean, professional, no-nonsense brand. My first impression upon viewing this page is that they are very serious about delivering a good looking product that should improve your quality of life. 



Purple’s boldly-colored home page greets you with a hilarious video of Goldilocks smashing raw eggs onto mattresses. No joke, I laughed out loud. Their single video spoke volumes about both their product and personality. Beyond that, their website photos are nothing like their competition: a goofy looking photo of their production crew, shots of the unique design of their mattress, even a modern looking bedroom. But none of those stereotypical attractive-people-laying-on-beds photos.


Brand stories:



I don’t know much about where these guys came from or who they are. As far as I could tell from their website, they are a big faceless organization who sells a lot of mattresses. They feel distant and corporate. Upon further investigation, I noticed the name, Sealy. So I looked them up. It appears they have a partnership with (or own?) Tempur-Pedic. Sealy’s about page still feels very corporate, but it also gives a cool little mini-history of the brand. Additionally, they provided a video of their factory and workers, which helps them feel a little more relatable and human.



I was surprised by a drop-down menu under this website’s “About” header. Did I want to learn about the company founders and their journey? The science behind their design? How it compares to other mattress technologies? So many options! Each page presents so much information. They want people to understand everything about them! The best part? Between their eye-catching graphics and charts and the light, casual tone that carried their presentations, I actually enjoyed reading about their mattress!


Work for them:



The careers page gives you a header of “Tempur Sealy Careers: Let’s make great things happen!” Following this are three images: their corporate HQ, a factory floor, and a storefront. Headers below the images state what types of careers are behind each link. The links take you to a place where you can search through their numerous listings. Essentially, it is your run-of-the-mill job search website, with an emphasis on Tempur Sealy mattresses. Very clean, basic, and serious.




“Feel Better About Where You Work”


“Purple’s goal is to help people feel better. We do that by making people laugh through our marketing, addressing daily pains with our unique products, and giving back to communities around the country.”


This is how you are welcomed to Purple’s career page. Following that is a humorous graph depicting how their employees feel throughout the day. There also is a brief paragraph mentioning the fact that they provide benefits, a fun work environment, and a great team of people to work with. Due to their smaller company size, they simply list all open positions right on their page, along with a link to submit your resume for future consideration if you do not see your desired role listed.





This company has a very clean, professional feel to them. If this company were a person, I would picture them as a businesswoman in a white or gray suit. She would be organized, caring, serious, and a by-the-books sort of character. She’s likely a very routine-oriented and reliable individual.



Chances are, Purple would be your brilliant, geeky, goofy uncle. He would show up wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and converse, then throw on his lab coat and goggles any chance he got. He’s the sort of leader who will lace his well-strategized plans with jokes and bring donuts to the office. He takes pride in a job well done, and even more pride in showing it off.


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