Quick Tips for Stellar Emails

Social Media Examiner sends me an email every day.

And you know what? I open almost all of them (and that says a lot, considering at best I barely skim most news letters and at worst leave them unread for weeks before giving up and deleting them).

What are they doing right?

• You can get the gist of their email with a 60-second glance. It’s not overwhelming!
• Rather than putting EVERYTHING they want to tell you in the email, they give links (never more than 4-5) with super brief descriptions so that you know what will give you the most value for your time. If you want/have time to go deeper, you can view the larger articles on their website.
• They give you what you NEED and no more. No fluffy inspirational blocks, no elaborate graphics, no verbose “fun facts”, stories, or random interest/personal pieces. Just the specific facts that are immediately actionable to their audience. This saves both their writers AND audience a lot of time and builds up trust that every email is valuable.
• They never put more than two or three pieces of promotional content in each email (by promotional I mean linking to a paid service/event/item).
• They have arresting subject lines that leave their audience asking questions (that we know we can find the answers to if we open their message).

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