My Top Three Skills (A Parody)

Recently I created an infographic that documents my top 3 skills. The problem? The skills I listed are too broadly applicable. Since niche markets are all the rage these days, I’ve decided to re-tailor my list to reflect a more specialized skill set:


1.) Fitting into airline seats (and other small places)


Unlike much of America’s population, I can boast of being only 5’3 and super skinny. This enables me to fit almost anywhere with ease. Want me to fly somewhere? I’m travel sized. Want me to go unnoticed doing some covert ops for your company? Done. Need a person to jump out of a birthday cake at someone? I’m your gal.


2.) Rapping and Rhyming


I’ve been writing poetry and little songs for years. Along with that, I’ve developed the ability to come up with a rap at a moment’s notice. Don’t believe me? Just ask T.K. Coleman or Evan Lee, who I bested in a 2:30 am street rap battle in Atlanta this summer. Even my friends from high school youth group can vouch for me! If you need a clever rhyme for your company, look no further.




3.) Cosplay


Need me to be someone else? I can appear as a small collection of Disney characters, a pirate, a flapper from the 1920’s, and more. The options are nearly endless! If you want a colorful character to keep office life interesting or are in need of a company mascot, hit me up. It will be a boatload of fun!

2 responses to “My Top Three Skills (A Parody)”

  1. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    Ahhh. I really really used to be tiny like you (but I am 5’9″) I remember fitting in places easily too. Now my hips just bump into everything hahaha. Cute rapping!! Yey for cosplay! I really was big on that in my late teens and early twenties back when it was getting popular (though still new). Your outfits are adorable.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you! I had such a blast putting this post together (and doing all of the things that I wrote about!)
      Did you ever get to go to a Comic Con?

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