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Episode 12

What I’ve Learned as a Social Media Marketer

After a month of working in her first official marketing job, Sarah has four major things she’s learned that can help you create a better social media presence!

Show notes:

Intro & outro music by Vexento.

Catch Sarah on social media @AdventureOfSair and feel free to post questions for future episodes!

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    1. Yes. Totally yes ? and I cried from laughter at that video. Even better than the “will it blend” series! Lol!

  1. Great episode. While I thought that releasing the same content over multiple platforms is just convenience, you’re definitely right.

    Btw, you can find my podcast on if you interested. Ciou!

      1. Jordan, Josh, and Sarah all listen to my show. Josh and Sarah are on and off, but Jordan listens often.

        Jordan is scary great at chess by the way lol. 🙂

        1. That’s awesome! 🙂 I’ve not seen him play chess but I could imagine it. All the Taylors seem great at strategy games.

          1. If you download the app or use the website, that’s where I play him. I STILL HAVEN’T BEATEN HIM! 😀

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