Month: February 2018

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    What Does Value Creation Look Like?

    “Awareness, consideration, decision. We need content for people in each of these categories. Let’s each try to have a piece of content for each category by the time we have our meeting next week,” my boss told the marketing department yesterday. “And remember people’s pain-points. We want to help and create something valuable for folks.”…

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    New Release Schedule Announcement!

    Photosynthesis will now be releasing the second Friday of each month! This way, Sarah will have more time to dedicate to keeping up with her various writing projects and still be able to supply quality content for the show.

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    Extinguishing Creative Burnout

    What can I do when I’m feeling creatively burnt out but have to push through? Today, Sarah shares a few little things that she does to help keep the creative thoughts flowing! Show notes: Blog post that was written on a treadmill. Change Scenery! Take stretch breaks. Change positions throughout the day. Go take a shower.…

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    Pitfalls of a Content Creator

    Show notes: Sarah hosts/edits The Aux Cable, episode 40 this week!   Intro & outro music by Vexento. Check out Photosynthesis on Social media @Photosynthshow and feel free to post questions for future episodes! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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