You Matter.

Sometimes you matter a lot more than you think.

Today was my last day at church before I move to North Carolina. During our snack break, a girl who attends there with me gave me the sweetest card. She is 12 and I am 24. I always thought she seemed pretty cool, though I didn’t feel like we spoke super often since she was usually off doing things with some of her siblings and the little kids. Still, every once in a while she would come up to me and we would chat and have a nice time.

In her card, she said:

“Dear Sarah,

Ever since we moved here, you have been a good friend to me. Every time we got to talk, I felt like I had grown, and was being talked to as an equal. I wish I could chain you here so you wouldn’t have to go.”

Lesson learned:

Never assume that your interactions with others are insignificant to them.

That little note made me smile so much. I’m keeping that note. It’s a good reminder as I move on that I should make sure to convey to others that they are special, too.

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