Bringing Your Brand to Instagram

Should I have an Instagram profile for my brand? If I do, what on earth do I do with it? And can Sarah rescue her sound studio from a potentially disastrous incident? All that and more in this “hot” new episode of Photosynthesis!

Show Notes:

My favorite Instagram profiles:

Madera Outdoor – Beautiful Nature shots combined with appropriate amounts of marketing.

Naturally Silky Soap – Nice images of soap with behind the scenes of its creation.

Desenio – Very attractive homes and great brand unity in their profile color scheme.

The Soda Parlor – Does a great job of showing their fun, nerdy brand personality and shop events.

Global Yodel – Amazing photos from places around the world, good descriptions and send-off link usage.

Nexo Revolution – Their motivational quotes and pretty photos make me smile and they frequently comment positive things on people’s photos. They don’t reference links in their posts but they are so personable that it made me want to check out their website without being asked!

Airbnb – Great photos and great descriptions that send you to their blog. They also sometimes feature other’s photos and give credit tags to the photographers. Very good practice!

Digital Marketing Consultancy – Amazing variety of content. Advice posts, infographics, behind the scenes, fun shots, marketing, and great documentation of what the company is up to.

Wreck This Journal – Not officially affiliated with the book or Keri Smith, but is a great advertisement for the Wreck This Journal book by showing off the amazing and creative works of art people have created in their journals.

Adam Young – Behind the scenes updates and previews, fun personal shots, great insights, pretty pictures, and does a great job of raising hype for new releases.

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