What We Can Learn From Nerd Weddings

As I’ve watched friends get married over the past several years (and watched other friends plot what their dream weddings would look like), I’ve come to a conclusion…


Nerds have the best weddings.

So much of the time, every wedding feels the same. Flowers, candles, sometimes bells. Fancy outfits and food, elegant yet serious setting. Somewhat reminiscent of the uppity country club parties that rich people stereotypically attend in the movies. They have their enjoyable moments, but most of the time just feel like everyone is trying to put on a show. Not so with the nerd wedding. Those have personality.


They know how to bring balance to the formal (and The Force).

As with most weddings, the clothes are generally still quite nice. That’s great! It’s a special occasion. However, nerds are the kind of wedding planners who will pair converse with formal attire and mix the decor with their signature quirky flair. They can pair their inside jokes with just enough traditional elements that outsiders to nerd culture can still get into the celebration. Nerds get that not everyone is a pro at uppity get-togethers and will create an environment that is both classy and welcoming to all.


Nerds embrace their uniqueness.

They know that they are different than a lot of people, and they aren’t going to hide that in their marriage. If they enjoy Legos, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Doctor Who, or any other fandom, nerds will openly show it. Not only that, but they will find super creative ways to mesh those interests with their ceremony and reception. Lego wedding cake topper? Check. Star Wars-quote laced wedding toast? Check. References to The Princess Bride on the wedding invites? Heck yeah.


What can we learn from this?

If they can be so unashamed of their interests, why can’t we? Be genuine! If you’re going to play by the stereotypes, make sure you’re doing so because that’s truly who you are and want to be. Don’t be a certain thing because it simply seems like the thing to do. Be what you are because it IS who you are. Find creative ways to lace your life, work, and parties with that outstanding personality of yours. Being loved by the people who are naturally drawn to you is far better than being thought of as an “ok person” by everybody you meet.

2 responses to “What We Can Learn From Nerd Weddings”

  1. Peter Avatar

    very interesting point of view

  2. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    I haven’t been to a wedding where young people were marrying in a long time. I was last invited to my God-father’s second wedding (my God-mother died of Ovarian cancer six and a half years ago). There were other weddings since. . .I need a nerd wedding to attend so badly. haha.

    My parents went to a nerd wedding a few years ago. My childhood neighbor had a LotR wedding. I wasn’t invited, but i was not close to her (my parents are close with her parents). It sounded like it was pretty cool.

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