Free Video Editors & The Upside to Severe Pollution

After an agonizing search for the best free video editing software, I think I’ve finally landed on something worthwhile!

Hitfilm Express is a fabulous editing platform.

I’ve tried Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Movie Maker, VideoPad, DaVinci Resolve, VideoSpin, and a few others that were so useless that I’ve forgotten their names. Some of those programs were just rather glitchy. Others didn’t offer what I needed for my timeline editing experience. Some (particularly, DaVinci Resolve) were fabulous but lagged something awful on my computer.


So far this editing software provides decent playback and has been very easy to figure out.


I have yet to learn to use Hitfilm to it’s full potential, but this evening I made my first-ever video on it. It is my slightly comedic take on the air quality situation that the Pacific Northwest is currently experiencing. Living in such thick smoke can be really miserable, but it provides some unique filming conditions. I might as well make the best of it, right?

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