The Little Thoughts Make Us

I think, to some degree, our little thoughts can define us.


Do you ever look back at your life and remember the big dreams you had as a kid? Do you ever think about the person that your younger self imagined you’d become? It is a really fascinating thing to do every now and then. Sometimes what seemed like a passing thought at the time turns out to be something that shapes us for life.


I remember at various times throughout my childhood and early teen years looking at older teens and adults. Young Sarah saw super girly teenagers who freaked out about every little thing and wondered “Am I going to turn into that when I hit my teen years? I don’t want to be that person.” several years later, teenage Sarah turned out to be a carefree artsy who spent most of her time hanging out with a goofy, slightly nerdy group of guys.


As she grew a little older, teenage Sarah thought “I want adventures. I want to travel. I don’t know how that will happen, but that’s what I want. Someday I’ll travel the state and take in the scenery. It won’t cost me much because I’ll camp in my VW Bus!” Nine years later, I am 24 and doing exactly that- minus the VW Bus (because what teenage Sarah didn’t take into account was that a Honda Element would do just what she wanted and get much better gas mileage).


What little thoughts do I have nowadays?


I look at older adults and notice some who have lost that spark of excitement about life. I see others who have let themselves fall deep into debt. Some people are going through life forcing themselves to live up to other’s expectations and are miserable for it. “Will that be me?” I occasionally worry. Those worries don’t last long anymore. “No, it won’t be,” I smile, “Because where there is a will, there is a way. I will always find a way to be the person I hope to become.”

2 responses to “The Little Thoughts Make Us”

  1. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    I too had the same dream!! I gotta say, I am really glad to hear you are doing what you are doing NOW. I have just relaly started to go on adventures, and as a full family, and I am nearing 34 years old. . so ten years older than you and I am just starting to go. I always wanted a VW bus myself! Keep it up!!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      That makes me smile! I’m glad that you are finally getting to go on adventures too. I hope that your travels are fantastic! I fully intend to keep it up- exploring new places and enjoying nature are two things I am super passionate about.

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