My Story

I am a doer. An explorer. A creator.


When my mom had ultrasounds taken, the nurse literally had to chase me around the womb to catch a clear photo. “You’re going to need a good pair of tennis shoes to keep up with this one,” the she stated. A truer observation has never been made. Ever since toddlerhood, people have been comparing me to the Energizer Bunny- I am always in motion, whatever the circumstance. I work on creative projects and career leads while sick in bed, climb mountains despite being plagued with a quarter-sized blister on my foot, and the only time I miss work is when I am too ill to walk (and even then, people have sometimes had to convince me to stay home).


Just when everyone thought I couldn’t be any more active, I saved up, bought a car, and began exploring. My mission? To have grand adventures and prove to myself and others that an amazing life of travel doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or consist of long drawn-out vacations to distant lands. Status: thus far a success. Side effect: I am now addicted to road trips and hiking.


Intermixed with school, work, and exploration, I’ve spent my free time creating. As a kid, I recorded audio dramas with my little brother and was constantly drawing. In my teen years, I started a YouTube vlog channel as a fictional character, became obsessed with photography, and began to write. Now, as a young adult, I’ve used my photography and faith to fuel inspiration for my weekly blog, Captured Yet Fleeting, been part of a couple of podcasts, and ran a monthly travel blog: Adventure of Sair.


Along the way, I’ve come to realize something: This is me.

This is what I want to do with my life: I want to travel, I want to create web content, and I want to use those passions to bring a spark of joy and a sense of adventure to those around me.


So far, my love for creating and my desire to explore have brought me to mountains and waterfalls, small towns, and cities. They’ve allowed me to meet my favorite content creators. From there, I’ve been put in a place to meet and network with other creatives, who then led me to a group called Praxis. Within Praxis, I have the opportunity to further hone my skills, have my creativity pushed to new heights, and gain valuable work experience through an apprenticeship. Where my path will go from here? Hard telling. But what I do know is this: it’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

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  1. Erin Avatar

    Hi Sarah! I found a note you left in a book at Barnes and Noble in Murfreesboro, TN. Just wanted to say hello! Best of luck in all your endeavors 🙂


    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hey! Thanks for writing! It kind of made my night to see that someone found one of my little notes and replied 🙂 Did you buy the book?

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