My Favorite Podcasts & A Hiatus

Want some inspiring (and fun) podcasts? Want to hear some big news about Sarah and this show? Tune in to this episode to get it all!

Show Notes:

Podcast Recommendations-

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2 responses to “My Favorite Podcasts & A Hiatus”

  1. Victoria the Justice Pirate Avatar

    I really learned a lot about some of the podcasts you listen to. It is great that you love ones that teach about content creating! I listen to The Inner Tube too. I think the Grownups reading things they wrote as kids would be really fun to hear. Earlier in the year while I cleaned out the remainder of items in my attic and cleared it out, I found a story I wrote in fifth grade about an alien girl with a shaved head named Zorgadt who went by “Ace” (after the Doctor Who companion that I was obsessed with from the seventh doctor) and about her time integrating on earth. Funny thing is the movie Coneheads is a little similar (but I had not seen it – the film came out in 1993 and my story was written in 1994). I don’t have the story any longer though. I remembered the story just fine without finding it and it wasn’t that good hahaha.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Ha!! That sounds entertaining. How long have you been watching Doctor Who?

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