Encouragement for Writers

I’ll be honest: I don’t feel like writing today.

I said this to a friend, and he sent me the following quote:


“If you only write when you’re inspired you may be a fairly decent poet, but you’ll never be a novelist because you’re going to have to make your word count today and those words aren’t going to wait for you whether you’re inspired or not.” – Neil Gaiman.

It’s true. While I never plan on becoming a novelist, being a blogger still presents a similar struggle. If you’re going to be a good blogger, you’re going to need to release on time. You may not feel inspired to write when you need to do it. You may resent that you have to face your laptop and stroke it’s keyboard until something acceptable comes out from your fingers. Though you generally love writing, occasionally you will hate that you must do it.


When the writing gets tough, I try to remember this…


It feels great to write when you’re inspired, but it feels like a far bigger accomplishment to still write something good when you aren’t. When you can go into the ring against writer’s block and come out on top, that is a true victory. So, remember those victorious moments, especially when you feel like ditching your writing goal for the day.

When you put your mind to it, you will taste victory.

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